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The Beauty of Teak Furniture

The Beauty of Teak Furniture

Home and Patio Decor Center is a proud authorized retailer for the Royal Teak Collection of outdoor teak and wicker patio furniture.   Royal Teak Collection offers a top notch quality product with the long lasting durability that we all look for when purchasing outdoor teak and wicker patio furniture.   Royal Teak Collection is part of one of the largest manufacturers of Solid Teak and All-Weather Wicker in the world. They manufacture at more than 30 factories and import container loads to all of Europe and the United States.

The Royal Teak Collection™ is made from Teak harvested in plantations. This ensures you the best available Teak on the market. The Royal Teak Collection™ is kiln dried and fully machine made with mortise and tenon joints for a tight fit. Only brass or stainless steel hardware are used, and the high content of oil in our Teak, protects the furniture from the outdoor elements, no matter what climate you might live in, and will ensure you a lifetime of enjoyment with your furniture.

The Beauty of  Teak Patio Furniture
Lets make one thing clear. NO other wood compares to Teak when it comes to elegance, durability and low maintenance. You might have seen furniture made of a variety of different wood sorts described as “Family of Teak, Teak-like, as good as teak or even better than - Teak”. Let’s nail it: IT JUST DOESN’T GET BETTER THAN TEAK.

Teak has been the mainstay of shipbuilding due to it’s capability to survive in any climate for centuries, but also for the softness almost silk-like feel that makes contact with teak a joy whether the Teak is newly installed or 150 years old. Not to forget the beauty of it. Teak origins in the south-east Asia and especially Indonesia is well known for their supply of Teak. The Teak tree (Tectona Grandis) is a very slow growing tree which takes 45-50 years of growth to “mature”. The tree will attain a height of up to 150ft. with a diameter of 4-5ft. and a leaf comparable to a tobacco leaf with sizes over 1 sq/ft.

Some people believe that Teak is taken from the rain forest and therefore environmental damaging, but the fact is that teak trees can not grow in tropical rain forests, and are mostly found in dry, hilly dessert-like terrains like on the Island of Java, Indonesia. Especially Indonesia has been very successful in managing teak forestry. All the way back in the 1800’s, the Dutch started farming teak in large plantations, and when the Indonesian government took over they introduced the system one tree down, two trees planted. This has resulted in Indonesia today being the biggest supplier of “A-Grade” Teak timber, which is controlled and managed by the government operated agency Perum Perhutani.  Perum Perhutani operates under very strict rules in regards to provide only mature teak, and also how many trees can be felled and how many replanted in order to maintain the teak industry for future generations. The teak furniture and timber industry is by far dominating on the Island of Java, and provides employment to hundred of thousands of people.

Mature Teak or A-Grade Teak is timber from trees that have grown for at least 45 years. In order for teak to obtain a very high concentrate of oil, the tree has to grow for at least 45 years before harvested. In that period of time, the oil will spread too all parts of the wood, bonding the wood, making sure that nothing penetrates into the wood. Oil content is why Teak is mostly quoted for it’s durability. However, teak is also extremely dense (40lbs. Pr. Cu. Ft. when dry) which, combined with oil, makes it very resistant to rot caused by fungal decay but also acts as a natural insect repellent giving the teaks very high resistance towards termites and other insects.

One of the best sellers in the Royal Teak Collection teak furniture line is the Miami Deep Seating Teak Outdoor Furniture.  This includes the Miami Teak Reclining Lounge Chair, Miami Teak Ottoman, Miami Teak 2-Seater Loveseat, Miami Teak 3-Seater Sofa, Miami Customizable Sectional Sofa all with your choice of Navy, Off-White or Bronze Sunbrella Cushions included or you can upgrade to any Sunbrella Fabric for an additional upcharge.  To complete your teak patio living seat is the Miami Rectangular, Square or Round Teak Coffee Table and Miami Teak End Table. Great products at very reasonable prices!

Royal Teak Collections All-Weather Wicker lines are an alternative to the Teak. This collection is made of top quality components that, like Teak, will last you for generations.  The maintenance-free furniture is woven with top of the line synthetic Wicker fibers from Rehau. It is a durable, non-fading, and through-colored material that is both dirt and insect resistant, but it feels and looks like Wicker. Framing is made of powder coated Aluminum, for extra durability even in extreme weather conditions. A light and rust-free solution makes it easy to move your furniture around. Naturally, all teak components are A-grade. Both Scandinavian Contemporary and more Classic designs are available, but whichever of the lines you prefer, they all have great comfort, functionality and appealing details in mind.

Popular All Weather Wicker Lines include the Charleston and Key West Wicker Deep Seating Sets and the Helena Wicker Outdoor Dining Table Sets.