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Dress Up Hardwood Floors

A lot of people seem to overlook a rug when it comes to decorating a room. When you see home design shows on tv or people buying new homes or vacation homes they tend to look straight and up when they walk into room and comment on the decor. And the short time they spend looking at the floor their opinions are usually either get rid of the wall to wall carpet and put in hardwood flooring or a pergo type product. Or they simply say that the carpets can be replaced. Rarely do you hear them make a comment that they can go with hardwood and dress it up with a nice indoor area rug. From the time we moved the first project I took up was ripping up the wall to wall carpet in my room, refinishing the hardwood below then ordering a nice indoor rug to put down. Cleaning the room is a lot easier and less work. Simply sweeping is enough and an occasional vacuum.