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Balcony Tables

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Balcony tables are the go-to option for style and service when you keep a patio. These small, but chic, tables open up a world of opportunity for you to bring some true class to your yard and host all sorts of different parties for yourself, your friends and neighbors, and your family. Indeed, a good balcony table can give you precisely the space you need for regular meet-ups in a modest, yet intimate setting.

Our balcony tables come in either a wood or wicker variety. Both types bring a special sense of class to your patio or yard and both of them have special advantages which appeal to different tastes. Our wood tables are built exclusively of teak, a durable type of wood which is also quite stylish. With a rich color and easy to take care of, our teak tables are perfect for somebody who wants to maintain a natural look to their patio. Many of our teak balcony tables are also foldable, making them excellent for travelling and camping.Our wicker tables are strong and efficient. Built out of recyclable material, you can rest assured that no trees were harmed in the making of this table. The porous nature of wicker also makes them nicely waterproof with rainwater disappearing before the ground has even remotely dried.

Our balcony tables are perfect for card games, tea parties, and book clubs.Home and Patio Décor Center offers them both as individual pieces and as parts of large bistro sets which include chairs to match the table. But no matter what you order, you will never have to pay a bit towards shipping. So if you are in the market for balcony tables, do be sure to look around and find the set that is just right for you.