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Patio Heaters

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Patio heaters provide more than just light and style to a patio. They also weatherproof it against the onslaught of the seasons. Whether you are looking for one to stay the chill of a New England winter or hold back the assault of mosquitoes during a Texas summer, these stylish and efficient heaters will help you and your guests enjoy your deck no matter what the world throws at you.There are many types of patio heaters available at Home and Patio Décor Center, but all of them have one thing in common—they run on propane. This efficient natural gas is the center of everything you do with the patio and it is responsible for these fantastic heaters as well.

We do offer propane tanks weighing in at twenty pounds if you do not have one already, and it will come completely filled as well.Once you have your propane tank, you need to decide what kind of heater you want. While there are a few stylish heaters available on this listing—they make for great tabletop heaters in lieu of an umbrella—most of them are fairly utilitarian in appearance. Built of black iron and possessing the necessary circuitry to keep them powered, these heaters conduct heat fantastically no matter where you may set them up.

So if you get a stand heater, you can put it in the corner and it will still warm the space up nicely. We also have wall-mounted patio heaters available if your deck is covered.So look around and find out which of these patio heaters is right for you. Free shipping is attached with each one as well as a simple return policy if it is defunct. Customer service is standing by to answer all of your questions about our policies.