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At Home and Patio Decor Center, we have you covered when it comes to outdoor acrylic and Tritan wine glasses, which are sold in sets of up to 36. You and all of your guests will enjoy drinking from these products, which are not only highly durable, but also available in many motifs and colors.

Tritan is a BPA-free plastic material that is shatterproof, weatherproof, and all-around great for outdoor use. No longer do you need to worry that a guest—or even a pet—will knock your wine glass off the patio table, causing it to shatter. This material is made to last, meaning you will use these glasses for years to come. Acrylic glasses are similarly tough. Tritan products are dishwasher safe while handwashing is recommended for acrylic products.

Our selection of outdoor acrylic and Tritan wine glasses includes many sets, featuring as few as four and as many as 36. Depending on your entertaining needs, these goblets can serve all of your guests. These products, due to their durability and style, are also multi-functional. While the adults drink wine from these, children might enjoy sparkling grape juice or another non-alcoholic beverage. Many of these sets include seasonal motifs, such as Christmas, beach, and grapevine imagery.

Other sets feature flip-flops, colorful swirls, and Halloween imagery. These sets are well-suited for theme parties and seasonal get-togethers. Additionally, many sets are available in bright colors that are less common in traditional glass drinkware. Bright yellow, blue, and purple polycarbonate drinkware will make a bold statement at your next get-together. These motifs and colors can easily complement your existing decor, from upholstery to artwork.

Furthermore, some of these sets feature a gorgeous, multi-color design. Rainbow sets feature colorful stems and bases that are sure to delight those who drink from them. These stems are available in several styles, including pearl and infinity styles. Customers who can’t pick just one color will love these rainbow sets.

Outdoor acrylic and Tritan wine glasses are perfect for enjoying a drink on the patio or poolside. They are durable and attractive, and perfect for entertaining for years to come.