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On Ice Acrylic Serveware

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Outdoor serveware products from Home and Patio Decor Center allow you to keep your food and drinks on ice while dining outdoors. These products eliminate the need for cumbersome coolers at your get-togethers. They also mean there will be no more running inside and out to grab food and drink from the fridge. These products are made of durable acrylic, so they’re as durable as they are useful.

At Home and Patio Decor Center, we offer acrylic outdoor serveware for any and all of your favorite party foods. From dips to drinks to dressings, we have a container that will keep your foods at the perfect temperature until they’re ready to serve. These products save you a trip to the refrigerator, and, perhaps most importantly, they won’t shatter if dropped.

Additionally, many of our acrylic outdoor serveware is available in attractive colors that will complement your decor. For example, Acrylic Iced Beverage Pitchers are available in several bright colors, including red, blue, and green. Similarly, the Feliz 64 oz Triple Wall Acrylic Serving Pitcher, features a clear body with a colored base and top. Other colored products in this category include the Feliz oil and vinegar containers, which are available in red, blue, orange, and green.

While the majority of our products are only available in clear acrylic, they are none the less attractive products to use at your next gathering. Our selection of clear serveware includes a wide variety of specialized products. Most common fare can be served using these trays, carafes, bowls, and platters. Salads remain cool and crisp when stored in an on-ice bowl until served, especially one with a dome top lid that will protect the salad from potential contaminants.

The Prodyne Acrylic Orbit Bowl allows you to store salad in the center bowl and all the fixings in its four side servers. Salad condiments and dressings can also be stored in an on-ice condiment tray or other container. These are only a few of the outdoor serveware products available from Home and Patio Decor Center. These products allow you to keep food cool while entertaining, and they are as attractive as they are useful.