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Bedroom Armoires

Cottage Wicker TV Armoire Full Extension Doors Antique Brown White

This Television Armoire featuring full extension doors is part of the Patio Wicker Furniture Accents..

$1,659.99 $160.00 9% OFF


Kona Wicker Wardrobe in Latte or White

This Wicker Wardrobe featuring two doors on the main storage area and a single drawer for additional..

$1,484.99 $320.00 21% OFF


Monterey White 2 Door 2 Drawer Wardrobe Armoire by Prepac

The Monterey Collection from Prepac provides "affordable elegance" for those looking for designer st..


Sonoma Black 2 Door 2 Drawer Wardrobe Armoire by Prepac

The Sonoma Collection from Prepac provides "affordable elegance" for those looking for designer styl..


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Bedroom Armoires

If you are short on closet space and looking for a solution that gives you the most diverse and useful storage possible, then a bedroom armoire is for you. Similar to a closet and a dresser combined, and coupled with beautiful design work and attention to detail, these pieces make it easy to store your clothes, shoes, and other possessions without cluttering your room.

Bedroom armoires offer an upper section that is perfect for hanging clothes that do not fit into your closet or require a little more special care than your in-built storage can provide. Alternatively, some of these pieces offer removable shelving to turn the inside into shelves, and a removable bar so that you can easily fold your clothes instead of hanging them. The base of the structure is often made up of a few drawers, perfect for keeping clothing items that do not fit into your dresser well organized.

Offered in wood, white, or black, these bedroom armoires are the perfect addition to every room. While they are quite large, they fit perfectly in a corner so you can maintain as much space in your room as possible. They are not just for clothes, either. They offer the perfect storage for jackets, blankets, sheets, and even towels if your storage area for those items is not as large as your closet and dressers.

Consider using the smaller drawers as a great place to keep jewelry or important documents, such as your passport. You can even use the space to store a television, enabling you to shut it away while you sleep so as not to clutter the room.

These furniture pieces are also ideal for a baby’s nursery. Often times babies do not need too much closet space, but can greatly benefit from shelving or drawers for their diapers, toys, and bath time accessories. Because your baby’s things (particularly their clothes) are so small, you can actually leave the bar in and install the shelves as well, giving you a place to hang and fold baby’s nicer outfits. If closet space is of a premium in your house, you can use their closet and let this piece of furniture stand as their only need for housing their clothes.

However you choose to use them, making a bedroom armoire part of your furniture is a great idea. They are beautiful and versatile and offered in many styles to suit your needs.