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When your body lies on a comfortable mattress, it’s important not to forget your essential accessories—particularly bed pillows. Where you lay your head each night is vital to getting a good night’s sleep, and ensuring you wake up rested and free from pain.

Overstuffed white goose down bed pillows is the ultimate in both comfort and support. The high-quality construction and 100% hypoallergenic down make this product a dream to sleep on, and you will surely wake up feeling refreshed and comfortable.

Much like a mattress, luxury bed pillows come in different sizes. They correspond to the size of your mattress, ensuring you have the right fit for both comfort and aesthetic purposes. A standard size is usually paired with a twin or full size mattress. These products are also offered in queen and king sizes, with the king size also suitable for a California king mattress.

In addition to size, comfort level is also important—the level of firmness may be based on personal preference or the recommendation of a doctor or chiropractor. A soft firmness means that you can easily ball it up and shape it as you sleep. This is perfect for the person who likes to hold their pillow through the night. Medium firmness is a great in-between and is usually the go-to for those who don’t know which they prefer or have nothing to base their selection on.

Firm products are harder and provide superior support. They do not wear down easily and are going to be stronger and more durable overall. They are known to be perfect for side sleepers because they provide essential spine support for those who sleep in this position. You won’t wake up with any neck or back pain if you are using the correct firmness. Regardless of your preference, all these products are made from the highest quality fabrics and materials and are manufactured to last while giving you a great night of sleep.

The Home and Patio Décor Center has a large selection of luxury bed pillows for you to choose from. Shop our styles and sizes and be lulled into tranquility and relaxation when you turn in for the night.