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There is nothing more comforting than falling into bed and wrapping yourself in the warm, soft blankets of your Downright bedding. Whether you had a stressful work week or simply a long, tiring day, snuggling up into the perfect blanket can send you into complete relaxation and put your racing mind to rest.

Everyone sleeps, but our preferences when it comes to how we sleep can vary. Some people like the keep the air cool and use heavier blankets. Others like to be warm without the burden of heavy blankets but still like the weight and coziness of coverlets and sheets. Downright bedding has a solution for every sleep style. These comforters are offered in three different weights: summer, winter, and all season.

The size of your bed should never deter you from ordering the best and most comfortable blankets available. We proudly offer comforters in twin, full, queen, oversized queen, king, and oversized king. With so many size selections, you can have one in every room of your house.

These products are the superior choice for style and comfort, and will lead you to a nighttime of tranquility and quality sleep. We use only 100% guaranteed hypoallergenic down in all of our products to keep you allergy-free while you enjoy the luxurious feeling of laying on one of these amazing comforters. If you don’t like down, we also offer synthetic material that mimics down with its softness and lavishness.

Although comforters are the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Downright bedding, we also have a selection of pillows to help aid your perfect night’s sleep. Our pillows come in sizes that work well with your mattress; choose from standard, queen, or king pillows. Much like a mattress, people need varying levels of comfort when they are choosing the right pillow. All of our selections come in soft, medium, or firm support and like our comforters, you can choose from down or a down alternative for your pillow filler.

Transform your bedroom into a place of luxury and tranquility when you outfit your bed with Downright bedding. With the comfort it provides, you will look forward to going to turning out the light and getting a good night’s rest.