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If you’re interested in refreshing the look and feel of your home but don’t want to invest in a complete renovation, consider adding some fresh accessories to the space instead. Simple things like mirrors, paintings and wall hangings can completely change the feel of the room while also making it seem more open or giving the illusion of more light. Follow these easy tips and trick to make your home feel fresh and new with Cooper Classics Collection this spring and summer:

Add a Mirror to the Entryway

The entryway is often a disaster zone. With multiple family members coming in and out, the area can feel cramped, cluttered and small. Instead of renovating it, install some shelves and baskets to catch clutter and hang a large mirror on the wall facing the door. In addition to being the first thing visitors see when they enter the space, a large mirror also provides the illusion of more light and allows you to do a quick self-check before leaving the house every morning.

Lighten up the Living Room

The most inviting spaces are the ones that are chock-full of natural light. In addition to making a room seem fresh and clean, natural light also has the effect of making a space seem larger and giving inhabitants a boost of energy. This summer, lighten up your living room by hanging a large, rectangular mirror behind the couch. For a fresh take on this tried-and-true tradition, consider hanging an entire wall of smaller mirrors behind the couch. While the effect is the same, the visual is much more interesting. Mix frame sizes, shapes and textures for an interesting, layered effect.

Create a Dressing Area

For a bedroom that is truly red carpet worthy, install a large, freestanding dressing mirror in the closet or by the bedroom door. The Cooper Classics Bar Harbour Bedroom Floor Mirror is a fantastic option for this. Choose a finish that matches or compliments your decor and add a small dressing stool beside the mirror, perfect for putting on shoes or completing last-minute outfit adjustments.

Hang Some Art

A beautiful printed canvas can change the feel of a room and is an easy and inexpensive way to increase the beauty of your space. Choose an earthy, abstract Cooper Classics painting (such as the Abstract Poppies textural print) for the living room and stick to muted pastels for the bedroom and guest rooms.